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Drink or Strip

Yes, drink or strip! This is a kinky card game. This is not a bubble bath. This is not a sex game. Drinking and/or stripping is your choice. How much you drink or strip, or whatever you use as a substitute, is your choice. No one is forcing you to play this game (we hope not). You are 100% liable for all actions and players before, during, and after playing Choosin- The Game of Choices. We are not responsible for you, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your pets, your neighbors, your job, your neighbors job, or anything breathing in this galaxy. By playing this game, you are in agreement with these terms. Make sure all players are over the age of 21 (especially if alcohol is used), before participating. Enjoy. 

Game Contents

Choosin- The Game of Choices game deck is packaged with a game box and a 75 card deck, containing 72 uniquely kinky cards + 1 create-a-card + 2 miscellaneous cards.


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Expect 1-2 days for handling, and 3-5 business days (up to 7 business days total) for domestic shipping. Expect 1-2 days for handling, and 5-10 business days (up to 12 business days total) for international shipping.There will be a tracking number so you don't have to stare at your mailbox from the bedroom window.

Bulk Distribution

To qualify for Game Deck or Lit Lamp distribution, you must have interest in purchasing at least 15 Game Decks or 10 Lit Lamps. Send us an email at: to discuss the terms of our bulk distribution.


If donating isn't your thing and you would much rather make some money from your contribution(s), then send us an email at: To qualify, you must invest at least $1000 USD. Investments into Choosin USA are not accepted via credit/debit card.


By submitting any media (ShoutOuts, Flix, Create-A-Card, pictures, videos, recordings, etc.) to Choosin USA via website, email, or social media, or using the Choosin USA brand in any way to promote any person or business, you are also releasing the media rights to Choosin USA, to use and publish the media as we see fit. Basically, you cannot sue us or make any money for using any media that you post (whether submitted to us directly or discovered indirectly) that represents the Choosin USA brand, in any way. We are pretty cool, so if you want to make money using Choosin, just let us know first.  


By submitting your create-a-card, you are releasing all rights to the Choosin USA brand. If you do so happen to make a card that we do not currently have, and we decide to implement your card (whether that be the card title, task or type), we promise to give you a special ShoutOut!

Event Sponsorship

Interested in having Choosin USA as the icebreaker at your next event? Send us an email at: or and let's make it a movie!

Market & Promotion

So you want to expand the Choosin USA Brand? We do too! Feel free to email any suggestions, update us on future events and expos, or inquire how you can contribute to our plan for world domination, and we may just hire you!

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