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The Game of Choices

Drink or Strip

Call out players by yelling "Drink", "Strip" or "Choosin". Call outs can be stacked i.e if a player goes out of turn + breaks the game circle + gets caught cheating on their card = Take 3 drinks or strip 3 articles of clothing.

1. If a player gets caught breaking the card circle.

2. If a player gets caught going out of turn.

3. If a player skips their turn.

4. If a player gets caught cheating during their turn (card task tells a player to kiss the player to their right, instead they hug the player to their left).


5. If a player gets caught making a wrong call (stopping a game card or quickie card task too soon, calling "Drink", "Strip" or "Choosin" when the player is doing the card task correctly, or wrongly accusing a player of not following a rule card's rule, etc.). This includes if they stop a card task that is in progress by calling out "Drink", "Strip" or "Choosin" incorrectly.


6. If a player rejects a player's task (a players gets up to kiss you on the forehead, and you do not allow them to) therefore the reject-ing player (you) would have to drink or strip, instead of the reject-ed player (them).


7. If a player loses in a game card or quickie card task (i.e you gave the worst card task demonstration or were the last player to touch your nose).


8. If a player gets caught breaking a rule card's rule.


9. If a player reads their dare card aloud without another player calling out "Drink, Strip or Choosin" on them first.


*10. At the end of the game, all players except the high-score player must drink or strip one final time.



Players only show their card when they are called-out during their turn!