The Game of Choices

How to Play

1. Form a circle with the deck of cards!

2. When it is your turn, pull a card without breaking the circle. If the circle is broken when a card is pulled, then you must drink or strip one article!

3. Read the card title and task aloud (if it is a Rule, Game, Quickie or Choosin card), then complete the task. If you skip your turn or get caught not completing the card task exactly as stated on the card, you must drink or strip one article.


4. For “Dare” cards only, do not read the card title or task aloud. Do the task exactly as stated on the card or choose to do whatever you like. If a player believes you have created your own task, they must call out “Drink, Strip or Choosin”. If you are caught in the act of cheating, you must drink or strip one article. If you are not cheating and are actually doing the task stated on the card, the player who called out “Drink, Strip or Choosin” must drink or strip one article.

5. When a card is completed, the pulling player must keep the card face down in their own personal pile, until the end of the game. All cards that are skipped or that receive a correct call-out (picking player caught cheating), can not be counted towards a player's score and must be placed faced down in a separate pile. When the game is over (all cards are exhausted), each player must total the points of all of their completed cards and determine the winner.


6. Remember, if you accidentally show your card to another player without a call-out, read a dare card aloud, or skip your turn, you must drink or strip one article.

Enjoy and drink responsibly!