The Game of Choices

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welcome to Choosin

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Drink or Strip

If a player:

1. Breaks the card circle

2. Goes out of turn

3. Skips their turn

4. Cheats during their turn

5. Makes a wrong call

6. Rejects a player's task

7. Loses at a game or quickie card task

8. Breaks a rule card's rule

9. Reads a dare card aloud


Players only show their card when "Choosin" is called!

Drink and Play Responsibly.

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How to play

1. Form a circle with the card deck

2. Pull a card, read it aloud and complete its card task

3. Drink or Strip: If you skip your turn, break the card circle, read a dare card aloud or get caught not doing a card task (cheating)

Drink and Play Responsibly.

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Change the Game!

Rule Cards keep players on their toes at all times and show no mercy to those who are caught being disobedient! Follow the rules, or Drink or Strip!


Dare CARd

Naughty or Nice!

Dare Cards are kinky tasks that allow players to improvise how they see fit! Get caught sneaking your way out of the task? Be ready to Drink or Strip!

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Compete and Conquer!

Game Cards are judged (by you), group activities that demonstrate the players creativity and skill. Dominate or be prepared to Drink or Strip!


quickie card

Short and Sweet!

Quickie Cards are fast-paced, interactive games that involve all players! Those who cannot keep up must Drink or Strip! 

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CHOosin card

Choose Wisely!

Choosin Cards are not for the weak or weary! Pick your player(s) and present your demands. Those who don't participate must Drink or Strip! 

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Create or Purge!

Create-A-Cards allow players to do what they like, when they like, how they like! There's only one of these in the entire deck, make it good! 

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For Detailed How to Play, click here.

For Drink or Strip Penalties, click here.

For Create-A-Card, click here.

For Policy and Contact, click here.  

Please Drink and Play Responsibly.

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