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Ya Favorite Scientist



MARC.MADE is a Detroit-born, Atlanta-raised rapper known for his 90s/00s, clever storytelling. His style explores real, relatable experiences as he expresses his life through a variety of spectrums (introversion and extroversion, loves and hates, successes and failures, etc.) all while representing black culture through music. His albums, EPs and singles have amassed over 1M streams independently.




Journey & Goals

MARC.MADE is a full-time scientist, while pursuing hip-hop music, entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency investing. He has co-starred on VH1’s Dating Naked S1-E5 & S1-Wedding Special, & CBS’s Face the Truth S1-E12. Notably, MARC.MADE has landed song placements with "Connect The Series" on Kweli TV's streaming service, and the "Skinny Cidnee" web series.

MARC.MADE also created the games CHOOSIN and ICEBREAKR, and graduated Spring 2020 from Florida International University with his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. Currently residing in Orlando, FL, MARC.MADE aims to collaborate with creative platforms through music and distribute CHOOSIN and ICEBREAKR games storewide.


MARC.MADE Performance
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