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The Game of Choices

Submission Details


Take a selfie with the game box or cards, send us some fun facts about you like where you work or your hobbies, and send it to ChoosinGame@gmail.com.  


Take a 30 second video of a card task being completed as you play, then share it via email or dropbox to ChoosinGame@gmail.com.

Casting Calls:

Follow the guidelines on the flyer and submit to ChoosinUSA@gmail.com. Be sure to read the location, time, and requirements of submission!


Create any card that comes to mind, complete with a title, task, and type! Remember, submitting your idea releases all rights to publish and/or use the card!

Dare: The card task should consist of a kinky dare to be done in perspective of the player's seating arrangement i.e. "lick the face of the player to your right", "rub and scratch the head of the player to your front until the end of the next turn".

Rule: The card task should consist of a rule that any player(s) specified (all men, all women, all players, etc.) must follow i.e "Every time a player picks up a card, they must compliment the player to their left".

Game: The card task should consist of a quirky, kinky game that requires players to be creative either solo or cooperatively, in competition i.e "Form and judge 3 pairs as they demonstrate the sexiest, tandem yoga position".


Quickie: The card task should consist of a fast paced action that all players must race to complete i.e. "Last player to squeeze and hold their own breasts must drink or strip". 

Choosin: The card task should consist of an ultimatum that combines 2+ card types or dual-like task i.e "Choose a player to play a best out of 3 rock, paper, scissors match! Loser must 'drink or strip' 3 times".


Tag @marc.made & @choosingame, & hashtag any MARC.MADE song title (i.e #hitmywalkchallenge or #cheekschallenge) to get reposted in Choosin Submissions & on his personal social media account!